Helhaus is home to the visual narrative work of Adriann Helton.

Her 15 years as a design professional have allowed for a journey across multiple creative landscapes conjuring engaging imagery, decoding design challenges, and leading teams on a clear path to “slay the dragon”.

For Adriann, building personal relationships through image-based narrative is more than a method for her success, curating experiences and celebrating story is her destiny.

Areas of Expertise

“Look at usual things with unusual eyes.”

Vico Magistetti

Adriann discovered her strength for concept development and realizing client ideas early in her design career and became devoted to creative ideation and delivering compelling design solutions. Since 2013 she has been overseeing teams of designers and campaigns in Fashion, Branding, and Entertainment with marked success.

She attributes her creative achievements to her love of story-telling, a killer work ethic, her ability to be easily impassioned by concept creation, and the skills to execute her vision. She endeavors to find the best parts in even bad ideas because sometimes the prettiest swans start as ugly ducklings.

“If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it.”

Peter Gruber

Adriann specializes in soft lines collections and product development around licensed properties and co-branding opportunities through her knowledge and professional experience in Pop-Culture and fashion.

Her talent for expanding the landscape of a brands reach stems from her propensity for constructing meaningful visual brand-to-customer connections.

“You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t, then you’re not looking properly.”

Paul Smith

The demands of “style” are ever changing, and though her time in the fashion industry began in print and graphic design, the last 13 years have required Adriann to be dynamic when it comes to developing a saleable outcome. Working in product development with designers, buyers, sales reps, vendors and production teams has afforded her a unique perspective to all aspects of the garment creation process from inception to the retail floor.

This marriage of design experience and production knowledge accompanied by her ability to communicate ideas effectively has allowed her to play a larger merchandising and design director role, over-seeing design departments, doing trend research analysis, organizing line plans, developing price-point driven sales packets for multiple clients and categories, and launching new business opportunities.

“Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.”

Seth Godin

In nearly a decade as an Art Director, Adriann’s experience project managing has driven home her love of team work dynamics. She believes a combination of idea sharing, time management skills, communicating expectations as well as successes, and support are what drive team momentum to meet deadlines and create solid product.

As a project manager, Adriann has developed and implemented systems of organization for large in-house team structures, and remote freelancers, to increase efficiency and ensure clear stages of execution between departments to maintain the project schedule. She is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and do what the job requires to help the team meet a goal.

“Design is thinking made visual.”

Saul Bass

Graphic Design is where Adriann’s career began and the tools and skills she perfected in her years producing graphic solutions is at the very basis of nearly every project she approaches. Regardless of the medium one tells the story in, design at it’s core is a balance between decisive vision and the ability to execute it.

Adriann has the knowledge to understand and anticipate solutions for a concept efficiently, and communicate those ideas to meet project and clients needs. Her background in graphic design affords her experience in brand collateral, fashion flats and CADs, POP and booth design, motion graphics, digital and conventional print media, textile design, and an expertise in silk screen printing.

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