“We all have our demons”. Penny Dreadful Fashion Collection inspired by the hit Showtime series and the dark romantic themes of  Victorian literature.

Project Details

Client: ACDC and CBS Showtime

Date: September 30, 2014

Our Penny Dreadful stage is set in Victorian London in a time of scientific and medical exploration during the height of what is known as the age of enlightenment. Minds with a thirst for knowledge and an understanding of all things also lead to dark curiosities and compulsions. Our heroine, Vanessa Ives, donning beautiful fashions from the 19th century reserved for more conservative fine ladies of the time, but beneath her delicate riding coats and organdie gowns, she hides something all together wild and wicked. Each print and trim in the collection representing a character from the show taken from the anti-heroic monsters of Victorian Literature.
Responsibilities include; literary reference, product knowledge research of the show for overall concept, free-hand and digital illustration, print development for conventional and digital print, scorpion crochet collar, embroidered mesh necklace, and back lace trim designs, and marketing copy.

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