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Finding the narrative. As an artist, I have found that building relationships is at the core of my craft. Beyond fostering creative collaboration among a team or client relationships for sales, my job as a story-teller is weaving a bond between the product and the consumer either through the narrative of a brand or a single image.

It requires the right language to communicate meaningful design that creates that tether; a language of visual association, of empathy, of color, and the ability to utilize that understanding as a tool in constructing engaging visual product.  Being fluent in this language has served me well in working with teams of designers and clients one-on-one to accurately share and give direction.

More than just delivering a solid final product on budget and on schedule, I find the process of creating to be where my passion lies. In cultivating contagious creative energy that inspires innovation and excitement in a work room and capitalizing on the strengths of each member of a team to actualize a vision is as important to me as the outcome.

So much of the work I create is like me a product of decades of exposure to pop culture. I grew up defeating King Koopa, quoting film as a second-language, constructing the perfectly-casted-never-to be-made X-men movie, listening to grunge music and trip hop, and pouring over art history books in equal measure to high-fashion editorial magazines. My imaginative nature, sense of humor, insatiable curiosity, and addiction to research are my resource libraries and the tools of my trade.